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Revista Juxtapoz - September 2010 nº 116


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Revista Juxtapoz Magazine- September 2010 nº 116

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The September issue of Juxtapoz is kind of like the All-Star Game. You have Retna, Jeffrey Deitch, INSA, Richard Colman, KC Ortiz, Pose, Allyson Mellberg, and Jamie Caliri all in there just in time for back to school and back to work and whatever fall back things you have going on. Our newsstand cover, Los Angeles based fine artist, Retna, is introduced in a special piece by new MOCA director and former gallerist, Jeffrey Deitch. We caught up with subscriber-cover INSA in London, jumped around California with Richard Colman, and went to Chicago to eat the best hot dogs money can buy with Pose and KC Ortiz. And somewhere on rural hill in the South, we found Allyson Mellberg. There is more, but you have to read it to find that out.