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Revista Juxtapoz - August 2013 nº 151


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Revista Juxtapoz Magazine - August 2013 nº 151

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For the August 2013 issue, David Choe took a long flight to perhaps the most dangerous country in the world, Afghanistan, and brought his good friend Estevan Oriol with him. Together, they created an amazing photo essay and journal that we have exclusively this month in our print edition. Be aware... there may be some naughty words.

Rounding out the August issue is the works of Hedi Slimane, Colossus of Roads, Julie Nord, Adam Parker Smith, Troels Carlsen, Vania Zouravliov, Ken Davis, and a city guide of Chicago by Cody Hudson. We take a factory tour of the venerable Swiss Army Knife in Switzerland, and look at the beautiful NYC photos of the legendary Richard Sandler.