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Revista Thrasher Magazine - December 2013


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Revista Thrasher Magazine - December 2013


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The cover of Thrasher is never soft, but December's front is hard enough to break your face in half. Dane Burman grinds through the kink to a second-story drop to let you know that the Zero crew is not taking it easy with their Cold War campaign. Speaking of which, full-video analysis lies inside, including: feature-length interviews with Tommy Sandoval and The Chief himself, a complete Zero videography and all of the balls-to-the-walls gnar you've come to expect from the skull crew. The fine folks at Huf get their Euro Stoops on with eighteen pages of across-the-pond insanity, New Balance hyperlinks through Vancouver, Paul Hart proves himself to be Lunatic Fringe-worthy and Theotis battles a heelflip crooks for Antwuan. And just in case you're hungry for some history, Lance Mountain discusses the opening of the NHS Museum. We will never stop.