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Thrasher October 2009—Free Sean Malto poster inside! FOUR'N LESION: Schaaf goes undercover for Fourstar, tailing the bros to Europe for a little international espionage. We got Carroll, BA, Spike Jonze, The Gonz, Rick Howard, poster/cover boy Sean Malto, Mariano, Brophy—and a super exclusive interview with Magnus Fastbom, AKA '90s Guy. Fact or fiction? Decide for yourself. Oh, and Carroll gets a Twitter intervention.HELLA HEADS: Theotis Beasley isn't allowed to watch skate vids after 9:00pm. Luan Oliveira made the switch to rock and roll and sneak- previews his Extremely Sorry part. David Loy is accident prone. Neen Williams finds girls sleeping under the pool table and has Chicago pride. What's a Zero Sunday?1031: Ohio has a rich skate history, so Kristian Svitak was stoked to bring the 1031 crew to his spots back home. Lurking with barted lags, paying toll to the liquor store troll, the Kent State massacre, and… Creed vs. Danzig?ALSO IN THIS MAG: Cardiel relives his Classic Nov '98 jack-knife big rig in the rain cover, That's My Shit with Jeremy Reeves, and the Zounds of Bad Brains, Children, Jr Reid, and Triclops.